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Xmas iPod travel films a hit

One film production company has tapped into the growing demand for iPod videos by launching a series of guides to European cities from a children’s view.

Downloadable for free on iTunes and other popular portable video websites. The site launched the day after Thanksgiving, and downloads already number in the thousands.
While experts debate the future of video on iPods with many expressing concern about the possibility of inappropriate programming being downloaded by kids,

Filmateria has sought to fill the void for kids’ downloadable video programming by creating a series of guides to European cities from a kid’s eye view. The guides feature tours of cities such as Vienna, Paris, Florence, Rome, Siena, Lucca, and Pisa.

Child hosts Matt and Siena (the “Marco Polo Kids”) take young viewers, educators, and parents through a wonderland of varying food, culture, and history.
Marco Polo Kids is produced by Filmateria Studios, a prominent film and event production company based in Seattle. The company specializes in marketing cutting edge games, software, and technology. Filmateria counts XBOX, Microsoft Casual Games, Real Networks, and Cranium among its client roster.
“With nearly 30 million iPods sold to date, and the video iPod expected to sell millions of units during the Christmas season, the television programming industry is rapidly changing,” says Filmateria COO & Creative Director William Jeakle.
Jeakle should know. He helped launch CNN International and Airport Channel as Director of Special Projects in Atlanta, consulted with Channel One television, and started college TV network BMOC-TV for Follett College Stores.
“Television programming will likely begin to target audiences in much the same way that Google ads now do. We predict that the change to the television industry will be as profound as Google’s effect on the advertising industry—putting more emphasis on targeting, and reducing the role of casual viewership.”
To keep up with the demand, Filmateria has several downloadable media properties in the works in addition to Marco Polo Kids. The production company also markets a turnkey solution for companies looking to get their videos on iTunes.
“We think its great that the tools of production and distribution are now available to a huge new group of individuals, companies, and groups. But, as Google proved, the challenge for a limitless treasure of information is to organize and promote the best elements. Filmateria hopes to play a key part in the process.”