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LAN pumps premium business class

Beginning March 2006, LAN Airlines passengers will be able to fly “Premium Business” service, blending its current first and business class service.

With the launching of the new premium business on long-haul flights between North and South America, LAN Airlines will offer a level of service offered by few airlines in the world. The new concept is based on what long-haul business passengers value most on long-haul flights: the ability to rest.

Over the next two years, all Boeing 767-300 aircraft in the fleet will incorporate the new premium business seats, featuring a full-flat 180-degree recline, which is only available from five companies in the world, offering greater comfort for sleeping in a completely full-flat horizontal position. Down comforters and soft pillows will create a true bed experience, and dividing panels between seats will offer maximum privacy during the flight.

In addition, the distance between seats will be increased to 74 inches, a considerable 32 percent increase in space for passengers compared to LAN Airlines’ current business class and a significant increase to that offered by other airlines in the world, providing maximum comfort for resting.

The new service, specially designed to increase the rest time available on overnight flights, offers peace and tranquility in the cabin.


This initiative represents an investment in service of more than US$100 million.

“At a time when the airline industry is facing difficult times as a result of the high price of fuel, LAN continues to believe in the future and reaffirms its commitment to the service and excellence that the company offers its clients worldwide,” says Ignacio Cueto, Chief Executive Officer of LAN Airlines’ passenger division.

“This new LAN project revolutionizes the concept of air travel and allows us to offer a product that only a select group of airlines in the world offer their passengers.”

The inflight entertainment will also reach a superior level with larger 15.4-inch individual video monitors that offer better resolution and an updated audio-visual content with an audio and video on demand system that allows passengers to choose from eight films and 20 short programs with the ability to fast-forward, rewind or pause selected films.

In addition, there will be 14 interactive video games and a true musical library with 100 CDs to choose from and enjoy with quality digital sound from the latest generation in advanced noise-canceling headsets that notably reduce the external noises of the cabin, producing a pleasant sensation of privacy.

The aircraft interior will also be modified, offering a larger space and improved lighting. Other elements of the new service, including such items as dishes, glasses and serving trays among others, have been redesigned with the new modern and elegant style consistent with the new premium business service.

This transformation of the Boeing 767-300 fleet also includes improvements in economy class with the objective of making a more pleasant travel experience. It includes larger individual video monitors with enhanced resolution in each seatback in which passengers will be able to directly choose from various audio and video on demand programming options using an easy touch screen menu.

In addition, the economy class improvements include increased space for personal carry-on items at each seat, as well as new dishes, carpeting and other items such as pillows and blankets. “We want to take care of our passengers with a smile and attentiveness in a warm and comfortable atmosphere, always with the same level of excellence that distinguishes us,” adds Ignacio Cueto.