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Ad agency get post merger deal

The advertising agency Moses Anshell announced Monday that it will be
agency of record for US Airways
now that its merger with America West
is official.The Phoenix-based agency was selected by US Airways Executive Vice
President, Sales and Marketing, Scott Kirby, and his team.  “After doing our
due diligence, we concluded that we already had the best guys for the job,”
Kirby said in a prepared statement.  Moses Anshell and America West Airlines
began working together in the fall of 2001, and Kirby added, “Moses Anshell
has been a valued partner over the past four years and we appreciate what they
have brought to the table.  They have been an integral part of our team and as
we re-introduce our ‘new’ brand to the flying public, we count them among our
most valuable partners.”
  US Airways Vice President of Marketing, Travis Christ, comments that,
“This is the right decision for our stock holders and for the future of the
airline.  Moses Anshell’s collaborative, integrated approach is well aligned
with the organizational values of our airline.  They know how to get us the
best bang for the buck.”
  Moses Anshell CEO Jos Anshell adds, “We are thrilled to have the
opportunity to continue our relationship.  US Airways CEO Doug Parker, along
with Scott Kirby, Travis Christ, and the entire management team have a clear
vision for the future of the airline industry.  We are proud to have been a
part of their success during recent challenging years in the industry and
we’re gratified that our efforts have been recognized and rewarded.”