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Alleged London Bombers Mother Hides in Grenada Hotel

By Ben Kilbey
One of the alleged London bombers mothers is reported to be lying low in a hotel on the Caribbean island of Grenada. Maryam McLeod Ismaiyl, a devout Muslim and mother of Jamaican born Germaine Lindsay, is hiding in order to avoid the media.Reports in the Boston Herald state that Maryam is married to a Grenadian and has resided on the island, which was recently ruffled once again by Hurricane Emily, for the past two years.

Ismaiyl headed for the hotel retreat after discovering the news that her son may be involved in the devestating terrorist activity in the English Capital.

Her Brother-in-law is quoted as saying; “she just wants to know what is going on. She hasn’t had communication with her kid in two years.”

Lindsay’s father Nigel, 45, was heard on Jamaican radio as saying the last time he saw his son was when the boy was aged 11.