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Airline E-Commerce Conference Empowers Airlines to Cut Costs

The airline industry has increasingly invested in
e-commerce to cut costs and increase competitiveness,
but further advances are required to make airlines
competitive with other industries and in all regions.
To address the importance of airline e-commerce and
related technologies, Airline Solutions and Airline
Information are organizing the E-Conference from 29-30
September in Frankfurt, Germany. 

Airline Information’s Roger Williams says: “E-commerce
covers a wide area, but for the first E-Conference we
have identified three agenda topics to be addressed in
three separate half-day modules: E-Commerce or
E-Sales, E-Distribution and E-Ticketing. While some or
all of these subjects have been covered by other
conferences, they have never been covered together and
obviously airlines looking to invest in IT, must look
at the entire investment, rather than just one piece.”

Airline Solutions« Frank Socha says: “Electronic
ticketing is currently a hot topic in the industry.
IATA has declared an industry deadline of 100%
e-ticketing by the end of 2007. However, to date only
about 10% of IATA«s member airlines have implemented
interline e-ticketing agreements to issue common
e-tickets with airline partners, making meeting this
deadline challenging. The E-Conference will allow
airlines to not only see the various e-ticketing
solutions available, but will enable them to look at
e-ticketing as part of the larger IT and e-commerce
investments required by airlines. Our free consulting
with many top e-ticketing and e-commerce experts on
the last day of the conference will be very valuable
in this regard.”