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Southwest Airlines Applauds Senate Bill

Southwest Airlines
applauds the fact that today, under the sponsorship of Senator John Ensign
from Nevada, joined by Senators John McCain from Arizona, Sam Brownback from
Kansas, and Joe Lieberman of Connecticut; a U.S. Senate bill was introduced
that would amend the 26-year old Wright Amendment.  This complements the
introduction by U.S. Representatives Jeb Hensarling and Sam Johnson (now
joined by 23 House co-sponsors), of their “Right to Fly Act” in the United
States House of Representatives.Southwest Airlines applauds the tremendous leadership and vision of
Senators Ensign, McCain, Brownback, and Lieberman who are true benefactors of
the people of America.  This is another significant step toward the ultimate
goal of opening the skies for greater access to low fares as a result of
unfettered airline competition.
  Studies show the Wright Amendment deprives people all across America of
$700,000,000 per year in lower air fares and $3,500,000,000 per year in the
economic and personal benefits conferred by 3.7 million more annual passenger
trips.  The Wright Amendment, restricting access to Southwest Airlines’ low
fares at Dallas Love Field, is truly a national issue.
  The introduction of the Senate Bill is a major step forward in bringing
the Freedom to Fly to 3.7 million more Americans per year, and the People of
Southwest Airlines will remain diligent in their efforts to educate the public
on the importance of stimulating the economy through greater access to low-
fare air travel.
  We are thankful for, and gratified by, the introduction of the Senate Bill