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Cozumel Tourism Arrivals Gain

Cozumel has reported substantial increases in tourism for the first quarter of 2005.
With new and increased flights from major airline carriers including Delta, United Airlines, US Airways, Continental and American Airlines, Cozumel has experienced a tremendous growth in air passenger traffic to the island.

Visitor arrivals for the first quarter of 2005 have grown by more than 20 percent over the previous year, according to Mexican airport operator ASUR. The increase represents a gain of almost 44,000 passengers, approximately 35,000 of whom are international, travelling
to Cozumel.

Coinciding with the jump in air travel, Cozumel’s hotel occupancy for the same Jamuary to April 2005 period averaged nearly 90 percent, greater than the 77 percent average observed during the same months in 2004.

Cruise passenger numbers are also up, with Cozumel welcoming 595,381 visitors to its shores within the first four months of 2005, representing an increase of more than 25 percent over last year.