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Pelican Systems Delivers New Service for Hoteliers

brings on-line reservation services to the next level by allowing hotels to take reservations, distribute room rates, and to manage room allotments for three major market segments with one application. Pelican offers hotels the facilities to enhance their web sites by providing travel agents and corporate clients with direct and secure connections to access confidential rates / allotments as well as instant reservation confirmation for internet users. Pelican system can maximize yield and minimize unsold room nights for hotels of any size and market orientation.

Pelican is designed for Internet consumers as well as travel agents and corporate clients with benefits as follows:

Internet consumers - can access hotel’s web site to make individual reservations with instant confirmation. Pelican system will send an automated email to hotel reservation staff for every confirmed booking, eliminating lag time and the need for manual confirmation.

Travel agents and corporate clients - will gain access to confidential trade room rates and room allotments, reducing the need to manually confirm special rates and allotments with each client. Rates and allotments can be pre-determined on an individual basis, and the hotel can ensure confidentiality by specifying the precise information available to each agent or client. The Pelican system enables hotels to maintain thousands of client accounts while retaining full control over rates and allotment and reducing administration costs.

Room allotment management - can be streamlined and enhanced, enabling hotels to fine-tune allotments to conform to current market conditions. Using Pelican’s first-come, first-served capabilities, the hotel can monitor reservation activity and transfer unused room allotments from low-yield to high-yield clients. Real-time situation updates also minimize the possibility of over-booking or unsold room nights due to administrative error or misallocation.