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FlightScanner Data Services Gain Momentum

Dolphin Dynamics has revealed a considerable increase in take up of their data services offering. The recent signing of several third party agreements to use FlightScanner technology will mean that subscribers of these companies will now be able to access low cost and web-based fares from within these portals.In addition to providing data to travel portals, including, FarePoint, NTL and, FlightScanner data is also used by other technology companies, such as Airscan, Ramesys and Sabre, making Dolphin Dynamics the leader in the provision of low cost carrier data services.

The technology used means that when a subscriber queries a portal to search for flight data, an XML message is simultaneously sent to FlightScanner. FlightScanner searches its 50+ supported low cost and web-based carriers and return the results as an XML data stream. This information can then be displayed to the subscriber on the third party site, either separately or integrated into the third party display.

Roberto Da Re, Dolphin Dynamics President, said, “We have seen a steep rise in demand for low cost and web fares information as more travel agents understand the value of this type of data. We are pleased to see FlightScanner being chosen again and again as the provider of choice, not only by travel agents building their own sites or travel agent portals, but also by other technology companies that recognise the need to include this type of data in their solutions. This further reinforces our position as forerunners in the UK and European market in facilitating airlines, and travel suppliers in general, to fully exploit B2B internet distribution of travel products.”