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United and ANA Launch Joint e-Ticketing

Next month customers traveling
on international trips that include both United- and All Nippon Airways
(ANA)- operated flights will be able to use just one electronic ticket
(e-ticket) for all trip segments. Individual ANA and United tickets for
departure, return and multi-city segments will no longer be required. “E-ticketing is essential for ensuring efficient customer service.
E-ticketing is becoming the industry standard in ticket reservations and
United remains at the forefront of the transition from paper tickets,”
said Mark Schwab, United vice president-Pacific.

United has already launched similar agreements with the Star Alliance
carriers Air Canada and Lufthansa. ANA is the third step toward the
completion of a global project which will soon enable customers to travel
on the entire Star Alliance network with just one e-ticket.

United has 1,030 EasyCheck-in kiosks positioned throughout 104 airports
for E-ticket customers traveling within the United States or
internationally from the United States. United’s EasyCheck-in services
includes self-service kiosks, curbside skycap check-in and online
check-in. Also, at most of these airports, travel-ready customers checking
bags can take advantage of United’s EasyCheck-in Curbside skycap service.
These services free up airport employees to focus on serving customers.