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Digital broadcasting new way to advertise Caribbean

Global Travel TV (GTTV) is the culmination of a strategic partnership between NuGlobal Broadcasting Internet TV network (NGBN) based in Phoenix Arizona, and Multicultural Tourism Development Alliance (MTDA), based in McLean, Virginia. The combination of these two entities formed the world’s first interactive digital broadcasting network focused on driving business to the Caribbean. GTTV ( is the second of 20 niche specific channels targeted for development by NuGlobal for simulcast on Satellite, Digital Cable, Basic Cable, and Web Broadcasts. GTTV will begin streaming individual Internet TV channel representing several Caribbean countries and vacation destinations 24 / 7 on the Internet initially.

An aggregated website will feature 24 / 7 streaming video and informational resources for the viewers globally. NGBN will drive traffic to the Caribbean channels from an existing built in marketing database established by NuGospel Network’s faith and family viewers. NuGospel Network was the first niche specific channel launch by NuGlobal with the interactive purchasing capabilities.

NuGospel Network and its aggregated website partner generates a minimum of 50,000,000 hit per month, and markets directly to the faith-based underserved communities globally.

What makes this network unique is GTTV’s interactive purchasing capabilities that enable the viewers on the Internet or on regular TV to purchase any item on the screen. This represents a tremendous opportunity for Caribbean vacation destinations to experience exponential non-traditional revenue to stimulate economic recovery by driving business to Caribbean destinations.

Any item that appears on the screen during the Infomercial (local business, hotel, arts and crafts, and vacation promotion) can be purchased by clicking the mouse on the monitor screen or using a standard TV remote control to point and click on the select item. The viewer can actually book a trip to the Caribbean destination, order products and information instantly with the interactive capability designed by NuGlobal Broadcasting Network.


The travel reservations can be booked through designated agencies representing the Caribbean destination, or by NGBN’s interactive partner The fulfillment for additional items or merchandise selected for purchase by the viewer will be processed by NGBN.