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Lufthansa Increases Fuel Surcharge

Lufthansa has said that due to the prices of crude oil in general, and especially kerosene, which continue to remain at a record level, it has been forced to adjust its temporary fuel surcharges it introduced in August.
In the last few days the price of crude oil has risen to over 50 US dollars per barrel (159 litres) and has now surged to an all-time high. The price of crude oil has thus almost doubled in comparison to last year.

The fuel surcharge on domestic and intra-European flights will be raised by five euros, bringing the total surcharge per flight leg to seven euros. On long-haul routes, on which fuel accounts for a higher percentage of the total flight costs, a fuel surcharge of 17 euros per flight leg will be levied - ten euros more than before.

The new fuel surcharges apply to all tickets bought on or after 15 October 2004, and will remain in force until the crude oil price on the spot markets falls below 40 US dollars per barrel for 30 successive days.