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Shopping Revolution at Swiss™tel Nankai Osaka

Shopping in and around the heart of Namba will soon be made easier when you stay with Swiss™tel Nankai Osaka. Guests at the hotel will be able to enjoy its new and unique shopping butler service from today. The Swiss™tel Nankai Osaka Shopping Butler offers the most exclusive and unparalleled shopping assistance to international guests who do not speak Japanese. Specially trained concierge will be helping these guests with their shopping and calculating tax refunds.
The Shopping Butler will first meet the guest to find out where the guest would like to go, help map out shopping course and assist with currency exchange. During shopping, the butler will act as a translator in negotiating for discounts.
In addition, the shopping butler will pick up the merchandise, offer wrapping services and even send the merchandise overseas. Swiss™tel Nankai Osaka charges ´5,000 (45 US$ / 38 Euro) an hour during the shopping period only.

Mr Francois Cnockaert, General Manager of Swiss™tel Nankai Osaka, said: “Our guests want and expect quality service and convenience. At Swiss™tel Nankai Osaka, we truly understand their needs. The shopping butler service is an ideal way to help make our guests’ stay more enjoyable and less stressful. It also builds lasting relationships with our valued guests.”
Swiss™tel Nankai Osaka is in the heart of Namba, the most vibrant part of Osaka. It is located amidst a shopping, entertainment, cultural and business district. The tastefully appointed guestrooms and luxurious suites come with the view of Mido-suji, or Osaka Bay. The 36-floor super skyscraper has nine food and beverage establishments offering a wide variety cuisine such as Italian, Chinese and Japanese. They include Long Bar Grill, Empress Room and Tavola 36. Swiss™tel Nankai Osaka is the only hotel with direct access to Kansai International Airport via the rapid train. It also sits above the Namba Station, which has immediate access to the main subway system, providing commuters with connections to various parts of Osaka.