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Mexico Travel Portal Partners with and signed an agreement this month to sell Mexico travel products online.ÊÊ The agreement brings together Mexperience’s rich content about Mexico with TravelHero’s automated travel reservation technologies.As part of the deal, Mexperience will integrate TravelHero’s hotel, Mexico vacation packages and car rental products into its web operations and channel its visitor base to the online reservation facilities managed and developed by TravelHero.

Matthew Harrup, Founding Director of Mexperience said, “This arrangement gives TravelHero access to millions of potential new customers every year with a specific interest in Mexico; TravelHero’s technology enables Mexperience to supply an effective travel reservation service for its visitors within”

David Pearsall, Director of Vacation Products for added “Mexperience is a leading source of Mexico information on the Internet, which attracts large numbers of visitors every year.ÊÊ Our close affiliation with Mexperience means that we will be able to tap in to its visitor base drawn by its rich content and increase our share of the Mexico travel market.”

By combining the comprehensive content of a leading country information portal with the benefits of automated instant online bookings, both companies expect to capitalize on the growing online travel market by connecting targeted customers with specific interests to services they want to buy.



Many information portals lack the integrated technology to supply effective travel solutions to visitors; equally, most established online travel agencies, having invested millions of dollars in reservations technology, lack the rich content developed by some information portals.ÊÊ By combining their efforts, experience and capabilities, TravelHero and Mexperience are well positioned to capitalize upon the lucrative North American-Mexico travel market as well as the growing Europe-Mexico travel market.