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Free SonicWALL Wireless at Holiday Inn Phoenix

SonicWALL, Inc. , a
leading provider of integrated security, productivity and mobility
solutions, announced today that it has deployed a secure wireless network
at the Holiday Inn(R) Phoenix - Tempe (Arizona State University),
illustrating the increasing trend in the hospitality industry to offer
wireless guest access as a free service. The SonicWALL solution has
created separate security zones to protect and segregate the guest
wireless system, the back-office computer system and publicly available
computers, all managed by a single gateway device. Within its network, the Holiday Inn Phoenix-Tempe/ASU is now able to
integrate free, secure wireless access for all 190 guest rooms and common
areas, including the lobby, restaurants, lounges and even the pool area,
using a SonicWALL PRO 2040 as the overall security gateway and SonicWALL
SOHO TZW wireless access points in strategic locations to ensure
comprehensive coverage.

The gateway device provides separate security zones within the hotel
network, and controls and manages security policies for guest wireless
access. Previously vulnerable to viruses transmitted by emails, Internet
sites and instant messaging, the hotel’s wireless network now remains free
from infection due to services such as SonicWALL Network Anti-Virus, a
distributed, constantly updated, gateway-enforced solution.

Located in the heart of the Phoenix Metropolitan area, Holiday Inn
Phoenix-Tempe/ASU serves many academic and student visitors to the Arizona
State University campus. “Visitors connected with ASU tend to have
sophisticated communications needs and high expectations of what
technology the hotel will be able to provide,” commented Tom Kreitler,
general manager of the Holiday Inn Phoenix-Tempe/ASU. “Whatever technology
we introduced had to work without a hitch, provide good security for our
guests, and reflect well on the hotel. With this easy to use, reliable and
affordable wireless network from SonicWALL, I believe our facility offers
our guests a feature they really appreciate. The Holiday Inn chain
publishes a comprehensive security mandate for its franchisees and
SonicWALL was able to meet all its requirements.”

Kreitler chose a wireless network based on SonicWALL technology
recommended by local technology solutions provider, Alan Burgess, owner
and founder of The Computer Doctor/VISi, located in nearby Scottsdale,
Arizona. “Meeting the unusually difficult needs of customers such as
Holiday Inn Phoenix-Tempe/ASU is our specialty,” said Burgess. “For over
16 years we’ve developed a growing business providing our customers in
Arizona and New Mexico with the best quality solutions and support,
whether their needs are simple or complex.”

The Holiday Inn Phoenix-Tempe/ASU presented physical installation
challenges, since the hotel walls consist of solid concrete and its steel
fire doors present an additional obstacle to wireless communications.
Burgess was able to overcome these challenges using just eight
strategically-placed SonicWALL SOHO TZW wireless access points. These
wireless access points are secured to the ceilings, and, avoiding
re-wiring issues, are powered by Power-over-Ethernet injectors rather than
traditional AC power supplies.


“We are extremely pleased to have worked with the Holiday Inn
Phoenix-Tempe/ASU on this project,” said Douglas Brockett, vice president
of worldwide marketing for SonicWALL. “This is an excellent example of the
type of easily managed, affordable, and customized solutions SonicWALL is
able to deliver for the hospitality and retail industry. With this
installation, the hotel moves ahead of the curve by providing a secure,
mobile and productive environment for guests and hotel employees alike.”