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Strix Systems and IP3 Networks Partner for Wireless Offer

Strix Systems, Inc. and IP3
Networks today announced a joint product offering that will help hotels
deploy high speed manageable wireless Internet access to guests. The
combined solution incorporates the Strix Access/One Network and the IP3
Network’s NetAccess gateway, providing hotels with an integrated and
tested end-to-end solution for guest high speed Internet access. To kick
off the partnership Strix and IP3 Networks have decided to award a free
Access/One Network and NetAccess gateway at the Hospitality Industry
Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC), June 22-24, in Dallas. The
combined wireless solution is valued at over $25,000.“By including NetAccess in the total network solution, hotels can easily
manage high speed Internet access with a customized billing and
authentication system,” said Mike Lee, president and CEO of IP3 Networks.
“Our combined efforts have resulted in a high performance, flexible, and
secure network system for service providers and property owners who are
looking for an integrated solution.”

According to Pyramid Research, about 6,000 hotels worldwide are expected
to offer Wi-Fi, or wireless Internet access, to their guests by the end of
this year. Additionally, the growth rate between 2004 and 2005 is
projected to increase by 133 percent. Hotels are recognizing the benefits
of deploying wireless Internet, such as ease of deployment and lower total
cost of ownership.

“Generally, the cost to deploy a wireless network to provide guest
broadband access to each room is about half that of a wired network,” said
Bruce Brown, president and CEO of Strix Systems. “With a Strix mesh
Access/One Network, we further reduce the cost of deployment by
eliminating the time and expense of wiring. Partnering with a market
leader like IP3 Networks allows us to offer hotels a fully integrated
system, greatly simplifying deployments for hotels looking to provide
broadband Internet access.”

Strix’s Access/One Network uses a propriety mesh topology and radio
frequency (RF) interaction between access points. This allows hospitality
venues to deploy truly wireless networks, eliminating the burden of
running Ethernet cable to the access points.

IP3 Networks’ NetAccess gateways provide highly customizable provisioning,
authentication, and security services to manage and control the delivery
of broadband services. With NetAccess, hospitality venues can offer custom
login portals for services ranging from wireless Web access in public
spaces to highly secure enterprise access portals in meeting facilities
and business centers. NetAccess gateways are also deployed by carriers and
service providers as economical centralized billing and self-provisioning
systems for controlling access to wide area broadband networks—ideal
for multi-dwelling units and campus environments.


Together the Strix/IP3 solution provides wireless access coupled with such
functions as authentication, billing, and bandwidth management. Hotels
using the solution are offered a simple yet innovative way to provide high
speed Internet access to its guests.

To learn more about the partnership and to enter the drawing for a free
network solution, please visit Strix Systems at booth #851, or IP3
Networks at booth #619. .