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Arc Communications Sets Date for Merger Meeting

Arc Communications and RoomLinX, Inc., a leading provider of wireless high-speed
network solutions to the hospitality industry, announced today that they
have scheduled a shareholder meeting on June 25th to approve a merger
between the two companies. The combined entity, to be called RoomLinX,
will adopt and expand the existing RoomLinX business model.
Upon completion of the merger, wireless industry veterans Aaron Dobrinsky
and Frank Elenio will become CEO and CFO, respectively. The two will also
become Directors, joining Robert Lunde, Peter Bordes and Herb Hunt on the
Company’s board. Lunde was a co-founder of RoomLinX in 1999 and became a
director and Chairman in February 2001. Peter Bordes, an owner of Greater
Media, Inc. and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Empire Media, a
diversified media group, joined the ARC board as Chairman in 2002 and will
continue as such after the companies merge. Herb Hunt, who owns H.I. Hunt
& Company, a leading financial services search firm, joined the RoomLinX
board in 2000.

“We look forward to operating RoomLinX as a public company, servicing the
hospitality industry,” said Aaron Dobrinsky, who will become CEO of
RoomLinX. “With the resources available to us upon completion of the
merger, we will aggressively target new properties and will offer existing
clients an expanded line of services such as IP telephony. We will also
reach beyond the hotel industry to offer high-speed wireless services to a
number of markets where demand for high-quality wireless networks has
increased. These markets include convention centers, extended stay and
time-share properties as well as schools and Universities.”

RoomLinX currently provides high-speed wireless services to hotels and
conference centers throughout the US. In recent filings with the SEC,
RoomLinX reported providing services to more than 14,000 rooms in more
than 55 locations as of the end of March 2004. The Company conducts site
surveys and custom-designs networks for each property, installing services
within days. RoomLinX offers 24 X 7 customer support as well as network
monitoring and troubleshooting. 

RoomLinX is a pioneer in Broadband High Speed Wireless Internet
connectivity, specializing in providing the most advanced 802.11b WI-FI
Wireless and Wired networking solutions for High Speed Internet access to
Hotel Guests, Convention Center Exhibitors, Corporate Apartments, and
Special Event participants.