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More UK Men are going Under the Knife

The UK’S largest private cosmetic surgery group, Transform Medical Group, has announced today that the number of men choosing cosmetic surgery has increased substantially. The Group is reporting that men now account for 10% of its overall customer base - a 5% rise over the last two years.

ÊMen who are between 31-40 are most likely to undergo surgery and the most popular treatments are nose jobs, fat removal and eye bag removal.Ê 30% of all nose jobs, 15% of all liposuction and 17% of all eyebag removals being carried out by Transform are now undertaken on men.ÊÊ

And it’s not just cosmetic surgery that is proving so popular, around 20% of all the botox treatments carried out by Transform are now performed on men:

Lindsay Mullins, spokesperson for Transform, says: “The general consensus is that cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments like botox are a luxury afforded only by women, but these figures prove that more and more men are opting for cosmetic surgery to change both their body shape and facial features.ÊÊ

“The non-surgical treatments have increased alongside the explosion of male skin care products onto the market place, and treatments like botox are the next logical step for lots of men wanting to maintain a youthful look.”


The trend for increased surgery and non-surgical treatments amongst men in the UK can also be linked to the changing profile of cosmetic surgery as a whole in 2004:

Lindsay continues: “The popularity of TV shows like Extreme Make Over and the hit American show Nip/Tuck have definitely had an impact on the industry. Also, as more and more high profile celebrities and public figures like the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berluscani undergo surgery, the subject has become more widely discussed and accepted as the norm amongst men.”ÊÊ

Transform Medical Group is the UK’s leading private cosmetic surgery group with 13 clinics across the UK and over 28 years of experience. Transform has helped more than 100,000 patients fulfill their dreams of looking and feeling their best and offers a wide range of both cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments. Transform is renowned for its aftercare, highly regarded patient information, and experience in the specialist field of cosmetic surgery procedures.

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