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Serenata and Hogatex Form an Alliance

Serenata IntraWare AG
has partnered with Hogatex Software GmbH
. The cooperation between the companies enables the integration of the Serenata CRM and Data Warehouse solutions with the Hogatex PMS. Hogatex
customers profit from the alliance, since it will allow them to extend their existing PMS systems by a leading CRM solution and so develop additional revenue potentials. Hotel chains with mixed PMS environments will equally profit from the partnership, since the best-of-breed strategy of Serenata enables the integration of additional PMS systems.

Together, these two solutions deliver a seamless integration of individual Hogatex Property Management Systems with the Serenata NetHotel Data Warehouse, and so enable enterprise-wide reporting, enhanced customer loyalty, Customer Relationship Management, as well as Business Performance Management.

“Hotel chains today are locked in global competition for primary market segments. Success is only possible with quick recognition of trends coupled with the ability to react swiftly to the needs of every individual guest,” says Dieter Dirnberger, Serenata’s Director of Sales and Marketing and member of the company’s Board of Directors. “Serenata Software solutions have been customized for the hotel industry and allow hotel chains to win new customers in a profit-oriented manner while at the same time augmenting the loyalty of valued guests. This increases revenues and return on investment.”

Richard Kürzl, founder and Managing Director of Hogatex, commented: “In times of economic challenge, a golden rule for people in business applies more than ever: Winning a new customer is five times as hard as keeping a loyal customer. That is why it is so important to support hotel managers and sales people in harvesting more from their tilled fields. With Serenata NetHotel, we provide the market with the tools needed to generate more revenue from repeat guests and to attract new guests with the help of targeted campaign management.”

Dieter Dirnberger summarized: “The cooperation with Hogatex is another crucial step towards integration and cooperation between leading providers in the hotel industry. It enables customers to drive their own individual centralized integrated strategy, independent of systems and to use their existing infrastructure.”