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Brunei International Airport upgrade underway

Brunei International Airport upgrade underway The airport is home to Royal Brunei Airlines

The Brunei Economic Development Board has outlined a project to modernise the Brunei International Airport passenger terminal.

Working alongside the Airport Project Committee, the work is aimed at improving the existing environment and appearance of the airport and the quality of its services as well as to cater for public convenience, safety and comfort through the expansion of terminal floor areas.

The B$130 million project is overseen by the Airport Project Committee chaired by the chairman of the BEDB.

The project, scheduled for completion in November 2014, is expected to double the airport’s handling capacity from the current 1.5 million passengers to three million passengers annually by 2014.

Some of the major improvements include increasing the number of check-in counters from 19 to 40; adding more immigration counters at the arrival hall from 14 to 26 and from eight to 26 counters at the departure hall.

A new car park will be built which can accommodate 600 cars, out of which about 100 will be sheltered.

Enabling infrastructure will also be allowed at designated e-Ticketing area for airlines to provide their e-Ticketing Services.

For further passengers and public convenience, a new surau (prayer hall) will be located in the new terminal building on the ground floor with separate male and female prayer and ablution areas while the existing prayer facility within the departure lounge will be expanded with separate male and female prayer and ablution areas.

An additional area of 2,000 square ft will be made available in the departure/transit lounge specifically for transiting umrah passengers.

The area can accommodate about 100 pilgrims at any one time.

The airport, which has seen significant growth in passenger numbers over recent years, had undergone two expansion works in the past, on its passenger terminal building.

This current expansion project will see major improvements with an additional 50 per cent floor space, development of iconic building envelope, green features and installation of a much improved security and baggage handling system and access control.

It is expected that the overall look and feel of the airport will be modernised with the introduction of an open concept of high ceiling space for the new departure and arrival halls as well as additional retail spaces.