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IATA expands business travel role with new alliance

IATA expands business travel role with new alliance

The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) - the voice of the global business travel industry – has announced its collaboration with the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The trade bodies will cooperate on a study on the use of corporate data by business travel aggregators.

The report is the first step in gaining a better understanding of this issue, which is of great importance to GBTA members.

In addition to cooperating on the report, IATA will host a webinar for GBTA members on November 13th demonstrating the PaxIS and DDS products available to the air transport and travel and tourism industries.

This initiative is the first in a series of possible joint efforts by the two organisations encompassing such issues as the need for a global approach to aviation emissions rather than a regional approach like Europe’s Emissions Trading Scheme; the desirability of trusted traveller programs for streamlined and secure business traveller airport processing; and promoting the value of air travel in fostering economic growth.

The report and the potential for broader collaborative efforts are the outcome of a recent meeting between the two organisations.

Talking about the collaboration, Aleksander Popovich, IATA senior vice president, industry distribution and financial services said: “IATA and GBTA represent different segments of the same value chain.

“Our respective memberships depend upon the overall success of this value chain with the need for a common voice.

“Working together, we can help each other to better understand customer needs for our products and services.

“We welcome this new era of collaboration.”