Breaking Travel News upgrades mobile app upgrades mobile app has added a new feature to its mobile app that allows users to easily access their hotel and accommodation bookings, along with entry tickets, boarding passes all in one place.

The new ‘Passbook’ tool builds upon the seamless multi-device experience strives to deliver to its growing base of over 10 million iPhone and iPod touch users. The latest version of the iPhone app was released today and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store.

“I am very pleased that we can offer our iPhone users Passbook to conveniently book and manage their stay. We already see today that over 54 percent of people visiting our mobile website with iOS 6 use Passbook, so we believe our new app will greatly contribute to their overall booking experience,” said Darren Huston , chief executive Officer

“Today, we already have more than 10 million mobile app users who can potentially benefit from Passbook and that number is growing rapidly.”