Breaking Travel News reveals UAE travelers’ wish-list for 2024 reveals UAE travelers’ wish-list for 2024 Carlo Olejniczak, Vice President and Managing Director for in Europe, Middle East and Africa

Cooler weather, previously undiscovered experiences and a chance for uninterrupted ‘me time’ are high up on UAE travelers’ wish-lists for 2024, according to new research from leading digital travel platform’s Travel Predictions 2024 report also reveals that people living in the UAE are seeking sustainability, sleep, financial savings and culinary experiences when they go on business or leisure trips.

Nearly 28,000 travelers across 33 countries took part in the research, with the UAE included for the first time. Just over 500 UAE residents of various ages and nationalities were questioned about their travel preferences and plans for next year.

Keeping it cool, and staying afloat

With the UAE’s year-round hot weather – and scorching temperatures in summer – 75 percent of UAE-based travelers opt for cooler climates when they go away, compared to 56 percent of all participants in the survey.  And while 81 percent of all travelers will look for water-based destinations next year, only 34 percent of holidaymakers from the UAE will be choosing an aquatic escape. expects a growing trend towards water-centric trips as more travelers learn about the benefits of floating yoga, ice therapy and the fascination of under-water hotels.

Going green for sustainability


With 2023 being the Year of Sustainability in the UAE and COP 28 just around the corner, responsible, eco-friendly travel is more top of mind among the country’s citizens and residents than ever before. Over 75 percent of UAE travelers want to see sustainability in action and will be choosing hotels with wow-factor sustainability innovation, compared to 53 percent of all travelers questioned. also found that 81 percent of UAE travelers want to see the great outdoors being brought inside, with green spaces, plant-life an integral part of their chosen accommodation.

UAE travelers also want to feel connected to the environments and communities that they are visiting, with over half seeking visits to remote locations where they can immerse themselves in the local ecosystem in off-the-beaten track areas. Meanwhile, 73 per travelers from the UAE are keen to use sustainable travel apps as part of their travel plans. Sustainable design, architecture and innovation are also on UAE travelers’ holiday lists.

Sleep well to live well

It’s no secret that a great day starts with a great night’s sleep – and UAE travelers are planning to get plenty of shut-eye when they travel in 2024.  Around 70 percent say that uninterrupted sleep will be the main focus of their holiday next year, compared to 58 percent of all participants.  And 75 percent of UAE-based travelers will use their next vacation as pure ‘me time’, going solo and leaving their partners and children behind to re-group, prioritise their wellbeing and catch up on sleep.

Immersive dining experiences on the 2024 travel menu

With two Dubai restaurants featuring on this year’s World Best Restaurants list and a dedicated Michelin Guide for Dubai, the UAE is firmly established as a world-leading destination for the best in culinary experiences, but’s research shows that travelers want to unearth new culinary experiences outside of the country, too.

More than 75 percent are more interested in learning about foreign countries’ must-eat delicacies, traditional dishes and culinary creations than they were before, thanks to increased gasto-tourism offerings that embrace history, geography and produce to create tasty travel experiences for tourists. More than 85 percent of UAE-based travelers want to try indigenous cuisines wherever they go, boosting income and instilling a sense of pride in local communities in the process.

Foodie travelers also have an appetite for virtual reality and artificial intelligence as part of their experience, with nearly half seeking immersive, ‘phygital’ culinary experiences, where the food itself is enhanced with mood-altering lighting, paired fragrances and sensual soundscapes to awaken the taste buds, in 2024.

Thriving – and driving’s research shows that vacationers aim to feel more alive, re-imagine their best self and enjoy the anonymity of travel in 2024.  Over 83 percent of travelers from the UAE say they feel more alive when on holiday and aspire to be more like their vacation selves in their day-to-day life back home. 

More than 70 percent will use their holidays to rethink and recreate themselves, embracing new aspects of their personalities and making the most of the freedom and opportunity that travel can bring.  Nearly 60 percent would pay to rent a nicer car than they drive at home, compared to 42 percent of global participants. 

Technically speaking …

UAE travelers are leading when it comes to planning holidays through tech. Nearly two-thirds (60 percent) trusting AI to plan every aspect of their trip, compared to less than half (48 percent) of all travelers who took part in the research. While Z-gen, millennials and X-gen are more likely to adopt AI, baby boomers and the silent generation are also increasingly turning to tech for convenient, flexible and easy-to-manage travel, according to’s study.

Cheaper travel, richer experiences

Travelers in 2024 are looking for cost-effective vacations combined with luxury experiences, according to In the UAE, 70 percent of holidaymakers are looking to reduce the cost of their vacation by choosing destinations where day-to-day life is cheaper than in their home city, or travelling to less far-flung places to avoid the expense of long-haul flights.  However, travelers are willing to pay for short-term luxury experiences when they arrive at their destination: 62 percent of UAE-based holidaymakers will pay for a day pass for a five star resort rather than actually staying in one.

Travelers also plan to reduce their holiday bills by taking a vacation outside of peak season: more than half (56 percent) of those questioned in the UAE plan to take children out of school in 2024 to make their travel budget go further. Globally, 47 percent would consider traveling with their kids during school term time.

Home and away: UAE travelers’ top destinations for early 2024

Travelers based in the UAE will be venturing overseas and staying on home ground next year, according to, which has revealed the most in-demand destinations for January to April 2024.  Top of the hotel reservations list so far is Dubai, suggesting that those living elsewhere in the country will head to the emirate to soak up a plethora of winter events, including world-class sporting fixtures and ever-popular annual attractions such as the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Carlo Olejniczak, Vice President and Managing Director for in Europe, Middle East and Africa, said: “The United Arab Emirates’ world-leading infrastructure, global location and superb travel connections make it one of the most convenient countries in the world to travel from and to.  We are delighted to include the UAE in our Travel Predictions Report for 2024, which reveals fascinating insight into trends, preferences and plans among UAE travelers for the year ahead.

“Our travel predictions reflect the notion that travel is a catalyst to live our best lives – be it through a journey of new discovery, an adventure that supports local environments and communities or a holiday that focuses on health, relaxation and wellbeing – and to sustain those best lives once we get back home to real life. 

“UAE travelers are tech-savvy, eco-conscious, adventure-seeking and hungry for new experiences – be it in a foreign land or by exploring different areas of the UAE itself.  2024 looks set to tick all the boxes – and more – on their holiday wish-list.”