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Bombardier Presents innovative solutions for urban transport

Bombardier Presents innovative solutions for urban transport

Bombardier Transportation will highlight latest innovations in the field of urban mobility at the Ecocity World Summit 2011 in Montréal. Its interactive “Smart Transport Solutions” application will demonstrate Bombardier’s latest vehicles, systems and solutions against a backdrop of the virtual “Bombardier City”, which incorporates many characteristics of cities in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Middle East.

Many of Bombardier’s cost effective, energy efficient and comfortable products will be showcased in the interactive application. These include: metro trains, monorail systems and light rail vehicles – all geared towards empowering cities and their citizens with convenient mobility solutions that answer today’s pressing issues of population increase, congestion and pollution.

This computer-based simulation combines new innovations for urban transport such as the the BOMBARDIER INNOVIA Monorail 300 system. This new generation of Monorail system offers medium to high transport capacities, with cost-effective, short time construction instead of major infrastructural or civil works. With very low use of premium inner city space, the system offers the latest in passenger comfort, both as high capacity, frequent services on densely used inner city routes and as transport links to destinations outside inner cities.

Bombardier will also explain how its PrimoveCity contactless power transfer solution addresses the current range and recharging constraints of all types of electric vehicles. Applications include trams, buses, trucks and cars. It is based on BOMBARDIER PRIMOVE technology, which provides wireless, emission-free mobility by charging vehicles without the need for plugs or cables via inductive power transfer from a system in the ground. No other solution provides comparable benefits of dynamic charging, power, flexibility, safety and intermodality.

“We are very proud to demonstrate our technological leadership, offering solutions that redefine the future of urban transportation at the Ecocity World Summit,” said Dagmar Blume, Senior Director, Systems division at Bombardier Transportation. “Today, no one doubts that urban mobility needs to be emission-free, highly efficient, easy to implement and occupy the least possible urban land space. With over a century of experience in electric-powered mobility, Bombardier is uniquely placed to address the urban transport challenges facing all of us today and in the future. Bombardier’s INNOVIA 300 system technologies and PrimoveCity solution are a central part of our vision to provide emission-free mobility to help our cities breathe.”


At the conference, Bombardier’s Blume will address “Caring for Cities with Latest Transit System Technologies for Newly Developing Ecocities and Rapidly Growing Mega-Cities”, on Thursday, August 25, between 10.15am and 11.15am during Session U10 (Being There versus Getting There – Public Transport Infrastructure Supporting Ecocities).


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