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Austrian Airlines launches Premium Economy on long-haul routes

Austrian Airlines launches Premium Economy on long-haul routes

Beginning today, Austrian Airlines passengers can now book a seat in the airline’s new Premium Economy travel class for flights starting on March 6th, 2018.

This new class will provide passengers with a seat that ensures more comfort on their journey as compared to Economy Class seats.

The first Austrian aircraft that will undergo the refitting will be a Boeing 767.

This process will begin today.

Austrian Airlines’ long-haul fleet, which consists of 11 aircraft, will gradually be refitted to include the new travel class. 


The carrier’s twelfth long-haul aircraft, which it will acquire in the spring of 2018, will also be equipped with Premium Economy.

“The new Premium Economy Class is an important milestone in our strategy aimed at linking individualisation with quality.

“The customer can individually choose the travel class according to his or her needs, whether the preference is to fly in a price- conscious manner in Economy Class, treat oneself to a little more service and comfort in Premium Economy or luxury travel in Business Class,” said Austrian Airlines chief commercial officer, Andreas Otto.

In particular, the new Premium Economy Class is designed to appeal to passengers who want to experience a higher level of service and comfort on flights to their holiday destinations, as well as price-conscious companies that want their employees to travel with more comfort on business trips.

The new Premium Economy seat produced specially for the Lufthansa Group is supplied by the aircraft seat manufacturer ZIM and provides passengers with plenty of legroom based on seat spacing of up to 97 cm or 38 inches.

Additional footrests take the strain off the legs during a long flight.

The central armrest with fold-out table between the seats and a personal, broad armrest for every passenger allows for more privacy and more room on the side.

In addition, every seat is equipped with its own power outlet and USB port.