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Arabian Travel Market 2017: Caribbean Tourism Organisation boosts Emirates Holidays connection

Arabian Travel Market 2017: Caribbean Tourism Organisation boosts Emirates Holidays connection

The Caribbean Tourism Organisation, the region’s tourism development agency, is seeking to strengthen its relationship with Emirates Holidays, the largest airline tour operator in the Middle East, as it seeks to broaden the Caribbean’s appeal in the Arabian Market.

Meetings with the tour operator have been scheduled this week during Arabian Travel Market, to build on the relationship which began last year when the CTO conducted an in-house training programme in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for 40 Emirates Holidays reservations, sales and operation staff to familiarise them with the Caribbean product.

This after Emirates airlines had announced fights from Dubai to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with a code share agreement with JetBlue that opened up numerous Caribbean destinations to the United Arab Emirates.

Joining the CTO UK team are Jamaica minister of tourism Edmund Bartlett and officials of The Bahamas ministry of tourism.

This year’s event includes meetings with Royal Caribbean International and other tour operators and social media influencers from the UAE, India and Northern Europe, as well as Caribbean destination briefings with key travel agents within the market.

“Arabian Travel Market presents a great opportunity for the Caribbean to take our product and services to a wider market.

“There is a great deal of interest in the Caribbean, and our sporting and cricketing legends have really helped to peak interest in the Caribbean throughout the Middle East and Asia,” said Carol Hay, the CTO director of marketing for the UK and Europe.

“We are particularly excited about the opportunity to host two destination briefings for the travel agents, as we know that product knowledge and networking are key to expanding our reach in these markets.

“It’s also important to have a sustained presence at international tourism events; tourism is an international business, and it is import to be in the arena where important decisions and contacts are made.”