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Amtrak Debuts First Electric Bus, a Greener Way to Travel Inter Rail

Amtrak Debuts First Electric Bus, a Greener Way to Travel Inter Rail

Amtrak and the Washington State Department of Transportation recently launched the EV bus used by the train operator to improve passenger experience.
The Cascade Thruway service is upgrading to the new environmentally friendly bus to take over the older diesel-powered model.

In addition to the two trains operating between Seattle and Bellingham, passengers may also take the midday buses that operate between the two cities, linking them with commuter trains to and from south of Seattle.

MTRWestern’s latest electric bus is the first of its kind to be added to the Amtrak National Network, and it can travel the almost 200 miles round trip without needing to refuel. The new connecting vehicle will avoid the use of around 10,000 gallons of diesel fuel each year, resulting in a reduction of CO2 emissions of 109 tons.

In the opinion of MTRWestern’s President Jeremy Butzlaff, the future is electric, so the company is dedicated to provide carbon-free intercity and group transportation across the Pacific Northwest via game-changing partnerships expanding EV regional transportation.

“At Amtrak, we strive to give our passengers reliable, comfortable, and sustainable travel options. By incorporating environmental considerations into our current operations and as we work with our partners to reach more of America, we continue to make Amtrak an even ‘greener’ mode of transportation,” added Kara Oldhouser, Amtrak Sustainability Director.


The WSDOT has also stated its goal of providing passengers with effective, high-quality intercity train service while also being mindful of community and ecological implications, while minimizing business expenses and providing eco-friendly transportation alternatives.

The introduction of Amtrak’s first electric bus is a step toward the company’s goal of eliminating all greenhouse gas emissions from the Amtrak Network entirely by the year 2045. The national train operator is investigating additional lines in its network to see if there are any opportunities to introduce more EVs to facilitate a fuel transition.

Amtrak issued its Sustainability Report for Fiscal Year 2022 in June, describing the company’s efforts to cut down on fuel use and carbon emissions while also increasing its use of renewable energy. This work contributes to the company’s pledge to consider climate change and other environmental factors in all of its operational opportunities.