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Amadeus partners with AXA Partners for new insurance product

Amadeus partners with AXA Partners for new insurance product

While business travel continues to face challenges with the on-going Covid-19 situation, it is paramount that companies have the right tools and data to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees when on the road for business.

In response to this new normal, travel tech company Amadeus and insurance provider AXA Partners have come together in an attempt to make travel safer.

The partnership between Amadeus and AXA Partners will enable companies and business travellers using Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense to subscribe and benefit from a high level of care, thanks to the medical and assistance solutions of AXA Partners. 

The project will initially be deployed across Europe.

Together, AXA Partners and Amadeus will offer an end-to-end approach for healthcare and business travel to cover the customer journey from start to finish.


While Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense will facilitate easy travel planning, booking, on-trip services, and expense management, AXA Partners will complement the service with tailored healthcare services, including global coverage for medical assistance, on-trip risk management, and travel insurance.

The corporation will pay AXA Partners for the insurance and medical assistance services only when its employee actually travels, and the traveller will enjoy complete protection starting from the moment the journey starts right through to their return home.

Samia Baliad, head of insurance pricing and sales, corporate travel at AXA Partners, said: “Ensuring employee safety and security is rapidly becoming a priority in every corporate travel program.

“Duty of care and risk assessment are emerging as key components of travel policies.

“Companies are seeking reliable and actionable risk intelligence that they can share with employees and travellers on the road in real-time.

“Therefore, we are convinced that partnering with Amadeus will help companies and their business travellers stay safe.”