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All things travel related are turning to .travel

All things travel related are turning to .travel

Tralliance Corporation welcomes a new addition to the .travel movement, B2B e-travel marketing, a travel consulting company providing e-marketing tools for tourism companies, launched its .travel website a little over a month ago.

Based in Argentina with a fast growing portfolio, B2B e-travel marketing provides solutions for their clients, including website design, search engine optimization, branding campaigns, blogs, and online communication strategies.

The decision to adopt a .travel address was in the clear messaging it provides. As an emerging company, it was very important to brand the company as trustworthy, strong, and professional. By aligning with .travel, B2B completed its branding goals and received the added benefit of the .travel authenticated logo for display on its website. Being a part of the .travel project has already opened up many doors for B2B to numerous market opportunities and potential customers.

“The penetration into the market was more than successful,” said Matias Avenali, owner and founder of B2B e-travel marketing, “We already receive 200 unique visits per day, and our page rank and search position is going up constantly, thanks to the .travel extension in the domain.” Avenali added, “In looking towards the future, .travel will make us more competitive and differentiate our company from other travel related entities.”

Even though the .travel domain movement has just started, B2B explained that they can already see a positive support in Latin America and around the world. Avenali concluded, “Quality is what people look for, and that comes as part of the .travel domain name. It is a smart communication strategy to brand your company along with .travel.”