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Andruff comments on .travel stepdown

Breaking Travel News caught up with Ron Andruff, the founder of the dot-travel internet domain, to find out why he has decided to step
down as president of Tralliance, following seven years of establishing the domain’s official registrar.
Andruff revealed that his decision was due to a combination of conflicting ideas with Tralliance management about the future of dot Travel as well as having reached all his targets for the top level internet domain.

Andruff explains: “My vision, I have to admit is different from the current management team. I have always supported a long term grass roots empowerment model - whereas they seem to be more focused on the component.”

The launched last year to enable consumers to have a quick and easy way to find information about legitimate travel and tourism suppliers. Enhancements to the search engine are planned in the next few months.

Andruff’s longtime partner Cherian Mathai, will also be stepping down as COO of Tralliance.
Andruff explains that this was the right time for himself and his partner to leave since the company is on “solid ground” with “all of the foundations for the dot travel initiative in place”. He comments: “We’ve hit all our targets and achieved a tremendous amount in a short space of time.”

In a letter which Andruff sent out to Tralliance industry friends on July 1st, he wrote: “It has all been an extraordinary experience, however, we have reached the point where my partner and I feel we should leave the helm of Tralliance Corporation to CEO Ed Cespedes and his team.”


“There is still a massive amount of work to do before .travel is entrenched on a global scale and in the manner it was intended.  But now it is up you, the travel and tourism industry, to lay claim to your exclusive space on the Internet.  In many ways the future of the vision that we share about .travel is in your hands.”

Cespedes is expected to take over the role of President in coming months.

Commenting on his future expectations for the future of dot travel, Ron says: “I am hoping that people will come to understand this is not about me or my partner - its about the industry taking possession of their own Top Level Domain.” He predicts that ten years from now everyone will have the dot travel address in the industry.

Commenting on his own personal future plans, Ron reveals: “This will be a nice opportunity to step back and catch our breath a bit!”

He concluded: “I have very much enjoyed working within the travel and tourism community it is a very vibrant place to work - and have met a lot of great people along the way, developed a lot of good friends - it is with sweet sorror that I am stepping back.”