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El Salvador accelerates with .travel

El Salvador accelerates with .travel

With beautiful beaches, and many adventure and eco-tourism options, El Salvador is a gem to discover in Central America. Although relatively undiscovered and new to the global travel scene, El Salvador is quickly becoming a choice destination in Central America. As a way to jump-start its place in the global tourism market, El Salvador introduced a new ministry of tourism project in 2005. As part of this focused project, El Salvador adopted as its primary marketing message.

Knowing that a .travel name would automatically link the country as a tourism destination, El Salvador purchased its name in 2006, but has recently launched a new website, branding, and marketing efforts with Since the launch and other targeted efforts, the growth of tourism to El Salvador has been tremendous since 2008.

“We chose to purchase our .travel address as it clearly links our country as a tourism destination,” commented Ruben Rochi, Minister of Tourism for El Salvador, “It helps accelerate the positioning process in this very competitive, global travel market.”

With tens of thousands of visitors to the site after less than two months since launch, the site is growing and increasing its visitors by approximately 30% a month. In fact with .travel and El Salvador’s marketing efforts, tourism to El Salvador for international markets has increased by 26% since last year.

El Salvador is becoming increasingly popular among tourist travelers due to its beautiful climate and variety of attractions featuring some of the most breathtaking volcanoes and beaches in the world. From the Santa Ana volcano, which is the largest in the Pacific volcanic chain, to Los Cobanos beach, where you can find some of the best scuba diving in the world, one will surely find the activity of choice in El Salvador.


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