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All Nippon Airways Dreamliner flights to resume in June

All Nippon Airways Dreamliner flights to resume in June

All Nippon Airways has confirmed it will resume Boeing Dreamliner flights in June after the Japan Civil Aviation Bureau issued a revised Technical Circular Directive for the plane.

ANA is the largest operator of the aircraft in the world, with a fleet of 17 Boeing 787s.

Ethiopia Airlines earlier became the first carrier to return to the Dreamliner to service, with commercial flights beginning over the weekend.

Boeing has been working with carriers to replace potentially faulty batteries.

A series of incidents affecting the batteries saw the Dreamliner grounded in January, with Boeing engineers working “around the clock” to fix the problem over the past weeks.

Some 50 Dreamliners are presently in service around the world, which each having to be modified by a specialist Boeing team before it can return to the sky.

ANA is currently working with five Boeing support teams to retrofit new systems on its 787 aircraft.

This involves replacing existing batteries with new batteries, changing to new battery chargers and installing new battery containment boxes and venting system.

The improvements will require approximately one week per aircraft, with work on all seventeen aircraft scheduled to be completed by the end of May.

In addition to these modifications, ANA will be undertaking additional checks and tests to ensure the safety of its aircraft and peace of mind of its passengers.

Osamu Shinobe, president, ANA said “Our priority is to ensure the safety of our passengers.

“We are pleased that the Federal Aviation Authority and JCAB are satisfied with Boeing’s plans to address the battery issues on the 787 aircraft and we are working closely with Boeing and our own engineers to undertake these improvements.

“Only when we are fully satisfied with the safety of our 787 fleet will we return the aircraft to service.”