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All-Green Car Rental agency sees internet popularity as opportunity to expand

All-Green Car Rental agency sees internet popularity as opportunity to expand

When you land in Los Angeles, every rental car under the sun is at your disposal. A growing contingent of car rental customers however, are finding that going green is the way forward. Thanks to a growing grass roots fan network on the Internet, a small boutique green car rental agency called MPG Car Rental in Santa Monica is becoming the Internet’s choice. However, over the past few fiscal quarters, MPG has used the momentum of its fan push to turn itself into a world class agency.

The secret to maintaining loyalty has been providing for the wide and varying needs of the many different types of customers. Sure, MPG appeals to environmentalist, but by providing the widest selection of sizes and styles, it’s safer to say they appeal to the environmentalist in everyone. It makes good business sense to carry full size sedans, luxury compacts, large SUVs and every other kind of hybrid car rental, all to make shopping green as attractive as possible to first-time customers. Exciting new models like Volt rental attract trendy clientele looking for the latest and greatest hybrid car rental in Los Angeles.

The wide selection trick at MPG Car Rental keeps business spreading, Internet-style like a “meme,” according to experts in the local car rental market. There’s method to the madness; one car rental customer isn’t necessarily likely to rent again no matter how much you please them. The twofold trick is to dazzle the customer into leaving positive reviews on review sites, where other Web denizens will take notice. Once they hook another potential customer browsing for a great rental car, the trick is to have such a wide selection, they simply can’t say no.

It’s not child’s play keeping both of these pushes going at the same time. Having the latest and greatest requires MPG to stay abreast of the latest trends, and know what to avoid. Spectacular new entries in the eco-friendly car niche like the Prius-C and Chevy Volt are must haves. In addition, cars like the Lexus CT200 Hybrid that have luxury brand appeal give customers somewhere to turn when they’re looking to shop green, but they also want to turn on the performance, and show up where they’re going in something a little flashier.

The market for environmentally friendly cars has expanded such that even when shopping at one of the nationwide chain agencies, an obligatory hybrid choice is available, but MPG Car Rental stays consistently ahead of the competition. As all-electric car rental and other eco-friendly choices creep into the marketplace, it’s clear that MPG Car Rental is where you’ll find them.