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Le Duc de Praslin Seychelles 4 star hotel with a difference

Le Duc de Praslin Seychelles 4 star hotel with a difference

Le Duc de Praslin is a small recently rebuilt tourism establishment on the island of Praslin in the Seychelles. The owner, Robert Payet, explained to Alain St.Ange, the island’s Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, that he planned the rebuilding of his property with service and guest comfort in mind. Le Duc de Praslin is today a high-end property but with a difference on Praslin island. The four-star property is Seychellois-owned and fully staffed by Seychellois and is set in an idyllic and rejuvenating setting and is the perfect getaway for visitors seeking an exotic experience.

“Le Duc de Praslin is working to position itself as one of the best properties offering value for money. We offer one of the best services and facilities on the island, which has singled out our establishment, giving Le Duc de Praslin an edge over many existing properties on the island in the four-five star bracket,” commented Robert Payet, General Manager of Le Duc de Praslin.

Le Duc de Praslin’s newly-constructed villas are designed with a fusion of the islands tropical architecture and a refined taste of modern decor. This hotel remains the ideal retreat for couples and families seeking the affordable Seychelles but in class and with a serene and charming ambiance. Walking through the island’s garden, which leads to the property’s main restaurant, the low dim light at dawn creates the true essence of the Garden of Eden.

“The quality of our service is four-star plus. We offer a true Seychellois service with a good value accommodation. We rebuilt our property to become what it is today, a highly-reputed product. Cafe des Arts is our property’s signature and second restaurant located on Cote D’Or, one of Praslin island’s most stunning beaches. This exclusive restaurant has now earned its reputation as the best restaurant on the island. It is open for visitors and locals to ‘dine a la carte’ and savor the exotic dishes prepared by our chefs,” said Robert Payet.

The property’s success story is the result of the hotel motto: value for money. The owner of Le Duc de Praslin Hotel said that he is in process of building eight new superior rooms adjacent to the hotel with their own private swimming pool, which will also be able to be offered as a private villa concept .


“This will give us better economy of scale advantages. Construction work has already started on two villas overlooking the superb view of Cote D’Or Beach and of the ocean. The villas will have seven rooms and their own private swimming pools. We’re planning the grand opening of these newly-built properties before Christmas 2012.”

Le Duc de Praslin Hotel has already earned a reputation as the only hotel in Seychelles using the concept of Magna Pool.