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Aeromexico announces the addition of Embraer 175 planes to its fleet

Aeromexico announces the addition of Embraer 175 planes to its fleet

Aeromexico, Mexico’s global airline, is announcing the addition of three Embraer 175 planes to its fleet, making it the first national airline in the country to operate this modern aircraft.

As part of the plan for the renovation of its fleet, the aircraft, with 86 seats in one single class, will gradually replace the Embraer 145 planes with 50 seats.
The Embraer 175 shares its design and cabin structure with the Embraer 190. This attribute allows customers to have the same travel experience on either one of these aircraft. Other features include more space for storing carry-on luggage in compartments that are overhead or underneath seats, more comfortable seats, a 2x2 seating configuration with space in the aisle, to name a few.  Embraer aircraft are recognised as the most comfortable family of aircraft in their category. 

Two of the three planes will start operations on June 1st and 20th, offering greater comfort along with cutting edge technology on routes from Mexico City to Acapulco, Veracruz, Oaxaca, Guadalajara, Tampico, Zihuatanejo, Minatitlan, San Luis Potosi and Aguascalientes.

Aeromexico continues to work on staying at the head of the industry, with one of the country’s most modern fleets, making its operations more efficient to reduce environmental impact while offering passengers world class service on its extensive network of routes to more than 45 destinations in Mexico, 18 in the United States, 11 in Latin America, three in Europe, two in Asia and one in Canada.