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Accommodation causes most complaints among holidaying Brits

Accommodation causes most complaints among holidaying Brits

As millions of British travellers head off on their summer breaks, has found that holiday accommodation is the main cause for complaint for 63% of customers.

The UK’s market leader for travel add-ons asked holidaymakers what was most likely to make them complain on holiday. Thirty-eight per cent said that the standard of accommodation would be top of their complaints list with room location and/or noise at night the biggest problem for 25%.

Transfer or flight delays would spur 20% of customers to complain. Quality of food (7%) and tours and excursions (1%) were less common causes for complaint and 9% of travellers surveyed said none of these would make them complain.

Mike Whiting, managing editor of, said: “We Brits tend not to enjoy making a fuss, often putting up with extremely bad service before we’ll complain. At we focus on our customers’ needs at every stage of their booking with us, aiming for a hassle-free experience from start to finish.”

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