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1GOAL aims to break 10m mark

1GOAL aims to break 10m mark

Charity 1GOAL is seeking to win the support of ten million football fans ahead of the FIFA World Cup final in South Africa on July 11th.

The charity – which is seeking universal education for children around the world – has already secured the support of over nine million people, with a final push launched before the final.

Pictured: Chris Ward, Digital Communications Director, 1GOAL

In support of the organisation’s agenda, South African president Jacob Zuma recently invited world leaders to a summit at the end of the World Cup to discuss the plan to get every child into school.

“This is the perfect opportunity, as the campaign for the World Cup culminates, to focus on the campaign for universal education,” explained a 1GOAL spokesperson.

1GOAL recently announced a partnership with South African broadcaster SABC at World Football House in Johannesburg.

“Our nine million supporters are drawn from cities, towns, and villages in over 120 countries, and have shown their support in an incredible range of ways,” added 1GOAL.

“Teachers, students, local education activists, football fans and celebrities have all rallied, and whether they are doing it using email, mobile phone, social networks or attending the World’s Biggest Lesson, we are becoming a global voice too large for world leaders to ignore.”

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