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1 in 10 think holidays to the moon will be feasible in 2020

1 in 10 think holidays to the moon will be feasible in 2020

A new study by online travel agent has revealed that 1 in 10 Britons think that holidays to the moon will be feasible by the year 2020; with half claiming that they would go on a trip if it was possible.

Latest research by one of the UK’s leading online independent travel agencies has revealed that 11% of Britons believe that holidays to the moon will be possible by the time the year 2020 arrives, in just 9 years time. conducted a poll to look into people’s expectations of the holidays of the future. 1,926 members of the British public took part in the study, each aged 18 and over, and respondents were asked questions surrounding what kind of holidays they thought would be possible in their lifetime.

When asked ‘Do you think that holidays to the moon with be possible by 2020?’ 11% of the people polled answered ‘yes.’ A further 22% thought that ‘space-station resorts’ would be viable by the same year and people would be able to holiday there. There are already plans to offer sub-orbital spaceflights to paying members of the public, suggesting that space holidays could be within our grasp.

A further 54% said that they thought lengthy submarine cruises would be possible by 2020, but only 13% of total respondents would actually go on one. Of those who said that they wouldn’t go on a submarine cruise, 46% explained that they would feel ‘too claustrophobic’ whilst 29% would be ‘too afraid’ to go on one.


16% of the people polled by thought a rail network similar to the Eurostar could be installed between the UK and the USA by the year 2020. 91% of the people polled said they would use this service if it existed.

A third, 34%, of people thought that hot air balloon flights could replace some traditional flights by 2020, whilst 4% thought that ‘time machine’ travel could happen at some point in the future, similar to the film ‘Back to the Future.’

Chris Brown, co-founder of, commented on the findings: “It seems that some people just aren’t content with the holidays of today. Some evidently quite like the idea of floating through space, as opposed to lounging by the pool or walking along a sunny beach. It’s interesting to see what some people think will be possible in the near future.

“I quite like the idea of a rail system between the UK and the USA, although I think that it would take a mighty long time to build. As for time machine travel, I think that’s a long way off yet; most will be waiting forever for that one! I think I’ll be sticking to trips to Florida for now, as opposed to re-visiting my teenage years.”