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Why you aren’t getting enough spotify plays

Why you aren’t getting enough spotify plays

The music industry is growing rapidly, thanks to the new streaming platforms that are becoming available almost daily. Already, the platforms have hooked up millions of listeners with their favorite music. The beauty of streaming platforms is that they give artists a chance to move forward in their careers by getting others to hear their music. Spotify is one of the platforms that allow musicians to promote their music and increase exposure. It allows them to grow their fans by streaming music. But getting enough plays on the platform is increasingly becoming difficult. Here are the reasons why artists find it difficult to get more plays on Spotify.

1. Underdeveloped Account
One of the reasons why Spotfy will not play your music is when your account is underdeveloped. As an artist, you must develop your profile and make it attractive. You will then need to submit your music to the Spotify platform through digital music distribution services or labels. But Spotify requires that you organically build your visibility before they can stream your music. Once you do that, any money they generate from viewers will be paid to you as royalties. Also, they offer a variety of digital tools that will help you to market your music.

2. Unverified accounts
Most artists will create an account on the platform but will not bother to verify it. Such an account will not attract the Spotify editorial team’s attention. So it will result in fewer plays. Verifying your account adds credibility to the music. Besides, it gives the artist a range of tools to use. Some of the tools include a notification and data analysis that will enable you to add your new songs to the playlist. Furthermore, the tool will help the artist keep track of the songs and insight into your fans’ most popular songs.

3. Lack of playlist
By creating a playlist, it allows the artist to have their best tracks in one place. Also, it allows them to pin their music to the home page. So to get enough play on Spotify, create a playlist with songs from persons that inspire you. However, it would help if you took some precautions so that you don’t overdo it. The artist must try to be authentic. It helps to convince the fans to listen to your music. Also, collaborating with other musicians could help to give your music exposure. It allows you to get more streams and fans. Also, you must add new tracks to the playlist regularly. It helps to notify your subscriber of the new releases and inform them that you are still around.

4. Lack of traffic
As an artist, you need to ensure that there is enough traffic to your profile. This is critical because Spotify will look at how active your profile is before it gives your songs more playtimes.

There are many things that can help you get enough Spotify plays. But getting it right when it comes to creating a playlist is one thing you should never ignore. It helps to convince Spotify to give you more playtime. But it would help if you worked hard to convince the editorial team that your music is worth playing. Ensure to make your playlist popular to enable it to generate more traffic. For more details, read Bumped reviews Spotify bots.