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Visiting a Unique Country on Vacations

Visiting a Unique Country on Vacations

Are you planning your next vacations? Are you thinking and thinking about what is the next destination you want to visit? Well, maybe this can help you a little to make that decision. 
How does it sound to visit two of the Unique Lodges of the World by National Geographic while you discover one of the most incredible destinations in Central America? Not so bad, right?

Costa Rica, and two of its most exotic lodges were named in the National Geographic’s select list of 24 unique lodges of the world.  Lapa Rios Rainforest Eco Lodge and Pacuare Lodge were qualified as unique places; thanks to the amazing world-class experience they offer even when they are located in remote areas of the country surrounded by enormous and lush forests.
The lodges on the list are spectacular places all over the world, with beautiful accommodations, gourmet cuisine, and of course an impressive service. They are not simply hotels; they combine the luxury with sustainability so the guest experience is exceptionally meaningful.

So what about visiting Costa Rica and these two special lodges? Well, surely you must visit one of the pristine beaches of this country and finish your vacations staying a few days in one of the luxury all-inclusive resorts in Costa Rica 2015. Here are a few facts about this destination and the two unique properties featured on National Geographic…

Costa Rica
How much have you heard about Costa Rica? This small Central American country shares a border with Nicaragua, with Panamá and both, the Caribbean Sea and the North Pacific Ocean. It is well known for its sustainability, the adventurous experiences it offers and the hospitality of its people.

Being a touristic country has developed the industry trying to impact as little as possible the natural wealth they have, that’s the reason why they have these unique lodging options that can be only reached by boat, rafting expeditions or an internal flight.

Pacuare Lodge
In the Caribbean region of Costa Rica, there is a protected zone of incomparable beauty that begins near the town of Siquirres and covers approximately 25,000 acres as it descends down the Talamanca Mountain Range. Deep inside this protected zone, perched on the banks of its enchanting Pacuare River, lies the singular Pacuare Lodge.

You can arrive to the lodge either by river or by land, or a combination of the two. Arrival by river takes you along scenic class III rapids, and departure by river allows you to experience the magnificence of this zone’s canyons and primary rainforest, via class III and IV rapids. You may also plan your arrival by ground transportation through impressive scenery and cross the river on a hanging gondola. A departure by ground transportation is also available, providing an alternative for families and others guests who prefer dry land, or would like to avoid the more challenging rapids.

The Pacuare Lodge’s philosophy is a simplistic luxury and oneness with nature. One important thing to know… there is no electricity in the lodge.

Lapa Rios Rainforest Eco Lodge
Set in a private nature reserve, spread over 1,000 acres of rainforest, Lapa Rios Rainforest Ecolodge overlooks the pristine point where the Golfo Dulce meets the Pacific Ocean. Built in harmony with the surrounding forest and beach, the main lodge and bungalows are connected by paths and steps. Sixteen spacious bungalows nestled within the rainforest exude tranquility. The lodge is a model ecotourism project that exemplifies why “a forest left standing is worth more than one cut down”. It is an ideal vacation experience for nature lovers, people willing to know more about conservation culture and biodiversity, honeymoon couples looking for a unique kind of experience and families with older children wanting to spend some real quality time together.

Lapa Rios Rainforest Eco Lodge has won worldwide awards for social and environmental excellence, and it is featured as a sustainable tourism pioneer in many international publications and research projects.