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Things to Do While You Travel: Improve Your Golf Game

Things to Do While You Travel: Improve Your Golf Game

Most people enjoy travel, but some people find that the longer they’re away, the less they know what to do with themselves. Some people just need a project. It’s one reason why people take less vacation time than ever before in the United States. That’s well and good. It’s OK to enjoy the life you lead and not need to go on holiday every couple of months. But traveling well can also be seen as a skill, a discipline. Without learning how to travel well, it’s easy to get caught in a rut, never seeing what else life could be. For people who fit this mold, taking a holiday to improve the golf game could be the best strategy of all.

Bird Golf Academy was recently named one of America’s best Golf schools by Golf Tips Magazine. With locations in Arizona, Florida, California, and a smattering of other states, this is a golf school that’s sure to be near you. Or far, if that’s the kind of vacation you’re looking for. It may not be your first inclination to use vacation time to invest in golf instruction, but there are some really good reasons to do just that. Here are three.

1) It’ll Motivate You to Travel. For many, travel is not an end in itself. Still, we understand that travel is important, for many intangible benefits that it provides. But without a specific goal in mind, it can be difficult to make the moves necessary to book that flight, get that hotel stay locked down, research food and recreation opportunities round about the place you’re staying. By setting aside time for focused learning on the game you love, you can give your travel a purpose, one that goes beyond lounging on a beach. Vegging out isn’t for everyone. Stay sharp and shave some strokes off your game with this strategy.

2) It’ll Be the Most Fun Thing You Do While Away. Many people travel with their families, which is great. But if your family likes things that aren’t your cup of tea (sleeping by the pool, riding roller coasters), it can be nice to get some time to yourself on the links, all while improving the way you play golf.

3) It’ll Pay Off For Years to Come. If you play golf regularly, the only way to stay interested in the game is to constantly improve your techniques. If you make this small investment once or twice a year, you’ll be able to draw upon the things you learn all the time. Your friends will be amazed. Your performance will exceed anything you’ve before achieved. It’s something you’ve just got to do if you love golf and want to better the way you play it.

Bird Golf is a group of schools where you can learn to play the best game of your life, all while enjoying pastoral settings (mountains, beaches, forests). It’s an affordable way to take a holiday that leaves you stronger and better than you started out, and it’s a gift you should definitely give yourself (or to a golf lover you know) in 2016.