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MyGolfHeaven: Our three favorite golf courses in Thailand

MyGolfHeaven: Our three favorite golf courses in Thailand

Francesco Diomaiuta, owner of MyGolfHeaven, tells golf fans from around the world the best places to play in this east Asian tourism powerhouse…

Thailand is a Golf Country! Maybe because Tiger Woods has family roots in Thailand, the weather allows you to play pretty much the whole year or because it is the world tourism capital.

If you haven’t played in Thailand yet, we have reviewed our top three golf courses in Thailand to help you make a pick when you’re here!

Combine this with an afternoon at the beach or a track through the jungle, and you have yourself the perfect golf holiday!

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Black Mountain - Hua Hin

The Black Mountain Golf Course is located around two hours south of Bangkok, in a small beach village called Hua Hin.

You get there by public transportation from Bangkok or arrange a direct transfer from the airport. Contact the Black Mountain staff before your arrival, and they’ll be happy to arrange a transfer for you!

The award-winning, 27-hole golf course is split into three routes; East, North, and West. At the beginning of your round, you’ll be able to select which route you’ll play.


Pro Tip - the North-West route offers you the best views of the mountains!

In 2012, Golf Digest awarded this course for being one of the best 100 golf courses outside the US and the best course in Asia in 2017. Many international competitions are being played here until this day.

As the name suggested, Black Mountain is located at the foot of lush, green hills and the fairways offer tricky angulations and changes in altitude.

Including the Championship tee-box, there are six different tee-boxes to choose from. The length ranges from 5,617 to 7,507 yards.

The course is known for its fast greens, tight fairways, and tricky design. The course is always in top condition and makes for an incredible playing experience!

If you tee off on the first hole, you’ll be able to see Thongchai Jaidee’s holiday residence right next to the tee-box!

The fact that a Thai PGA pro has a house right next to this course should already tell you that it is without a doubt one of the best courses you can play in Thailand – and probably the world!

Nikanti – Bangkok

Yes, one of Thailand’s best golf courses is located in Bangkok! Or near Bangkok, to be exact.

What makes this golf course so good is the brilliant design by Pirapon Namatra, one of Thailand’s leading golf course designers, the immaculate conditions on the course, and the probably trickiest greens you can find in all Asia!

Everything is just a touch better at Nikanti – All caddies are professionally trained, all golf carts are equipped with GPS technology, Food, snacks, and drinks are complimentary for the whole day you’re playing!

The course itself is relatively short, only 6,789 from the back tees. Length won’t be the challenge of this course, as you can imagine.

You might decide to keep the driver in the bag for most of your round, and hitting a green in regulation doesn’t guarantee a par just yet. Driving Iron off the tee will often be the smarter choice!

The hole locations are always tricky, and the greens feature distinct angulations, which genuinely require you to plan your approach on every hole.

Hitting the ball on the wrong tier of a green might as well add an extra put unless you get lucky!

Fortunately, the greens are always pure, and despite the angulations, these are our favorite greens to play on in Thailand. While they are tricky, they roll pure and add another layer of complexity to the golf course.

Grand Prix Golf Course - Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is dubbed “The Switzerland of Thailand” because of its mountains and incredible views.

As a Swiss person, I can’t but agree.

Finding a top-notch golf course in a remote location like this might surprise you, but the Grand Prix Golf Course is truly a hidden gem, worth a visit!

Unlike Black Mountain, this is a links course and play anywhere from 5,534 - 7,111 yards! It features many water hazards, and strategically placed bunkers protect the greens.

What we love about this golf course is that it requires you to plan your approach shots carefully. Many fairways are split and need you to decide whether or not you lay up.

The greens have tiers, and depending on the pin location for the day, you’re left with a tricky put, even if you hit the green in regulation.

The greens are pure and run from anywhere between a 9.5-11 on the Stimp meter. They can also run quicker, depending on the weather conditions leading up to your round.

You are surrounded by picturesque mountain views on every hole, and the course is always in immaculate condition! What would you want more!

What To Do Next?

Thailand is an excellent place for your next golf holiday. It’s hard to pick only three courses to review, considering that the weather and typography of Thailand make for a fantastic golf experience!

Make sure you visit any of the courses on our list if you’re in town, and we hope you have an unforgettable experience playing some of Thailand’s best golf courses!

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Words and images: Francesco Diomaiuta