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The Most Important Tourism Events of The Year

Tourism is one of the most lucrative industries in the world, as recent statistics demonstrate. As of 2022, the global value of this sector was said to be more than $2 trillion. Whether referring to professionals or simply travellers who have been consumed by wanderlust, there are many interesting events that help to shed light on this trade. Here is a look at some of the most important global tourism events and the aspects that make them unique.

FITUR is arguably one of the most famous tourism events to be held on an annual basis. Its objective is to allow professionals to display their latest products while fostering unique networking opportunities. With a focus on the Latin American marketplace, FITUR continues to attract a truly global following.

This event offers a host of interesting exhibits for attendees. For example, FiturTechy exhibits modern technological advancements, and it is also possible to participate in recruitment sessions.

Other features include live presentations and seminars, B2B sales, and FITUR Cruises (highlighting the benefits of “blue” tourism trends). The attending countries also hold cultural presentations that showcase their traditions to the world in hopes of luring visitors.

The Adventure Travel World Summit
Another notable gathering is sponsored by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) and is focused on adventure tourism. While there are plenty of in-house events to enjoy, one unique feature of this summit is the opportunity to attend off-site trips that are hosted by keynote speakers. Media Connection sessions allow attendees to share their latest insights and provide valuable industry information to others.

ITB Berlin
ITB Berlin is currently billed as the world’s most comprehensive tourism fair. Offering opportunities for more than 10,000 exhibitors, this event has been held in Berlin every year since its inception in 1966. Guests can immerse themselves in a host of relevant topics, including:

● Software systems
● International tourism standards
● Modern compliance concerns
● Innovative booking methods
● CRM solutions
● Transport operators

The next ITB exhibition is scheduled for early March 2024. Those who wish to learn more can visit the official ITB website.

Hosted by the United States Travel Association, the IPW is a trade fair targeting tourism firms based in the Americas. It gives guests from more than 60 countries the ability to showcase their services and learn more about the most recent travel trends. According to their official website, the IPW has raised more than $5.5 billion for tourism companies associated with the United States marketplace.

These are just a few examples of what the tourism and travel industry has to offer professionals who are looking for an edge. These events provide excellent opportunities to make valuable connections in this highly competitive industry.