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Saving Money While You Enjoy: A Holiday in Brussels

Saving Money While You Enjoy: A Holiday in Brussels

Travelling in other countries is expensive. The return flight, the living accommodation, the food, and the overall experience requires you to spend some sort of monetary value. Sometimes, we even go beyond what we thought we would need. That is why, it is vital that you know how to save money while at the same time, ensuring that you get to immerse yourself in its culture.

If this is your goal when in Brussels, the best option might be is to rent a room in Brussels. This saves you a ton when it comes to living accommodations because rooms to rent are a lot cheaper per night compared to when you stay in a hotel. In addition, this also gives you the opportunity to save in dining because you can cook yourself a meal anytime.

Shopping in Brussels is admittedly expensive, especially if you compare it to locations that sit right next to the border. That is why, if you want a tip, go to marketplaces at the border. There, you can save at least 10-20% on your expenses.

Also take note that if you are buying groceries, it is less expensive if you buy in markets. Some areas have specified days for markets to set-up and sell to the public. In addition, you are always guaranteed to get fresh produce compared to when you buy in supermarkets which may have only been frozen for a while before displayed to the public.

This term does not only apply to transportation. In Brussels, this is also associated with restaurants.

As you may have noticed by now, there are times when restaurants charge a lot more on specific times and specific days such as the weekends. You will notice this in places where tourists normally flock to when in a city. Restaurants take the opportunity to charge them at a higher price than they normally would.

In short, avoid the weekends. Also, avoid evening time. You would be better off eating at home at night.

The best part of Belgium, in general, is how close each iconic city is from each other. That means, if you are living in Brussels, then, you are just at least an hour away from its neighbouring city. This fact alone makes it worth it to take a day trip.

If you want some more tips, use Trainline when booking tickets. It offers the best deals for trains because it is the best way to travel from one Belgian city to another. All the more if you are under 26.

Taking a holiday to another country will take so much, not only of your time but also of your pocket. That is why there are so many who rarely get to do it. However, if you are already planning to take a trip to Belgium, it’s better to opt for rental accommodation rather than a hotel. Not only Brussels is close to other iconic cities in the country, but it’s also an icon in itself making your trip to the city alone worth it. That way, you save and enjoy the culture of Belgium the way you thought you would.