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Plan Your First Trip to Washington, D.C. with National Charter Bus

Plan Your First Trip to Washington, D.C. with National Charter Bus

Summer is the perfect time to visit Washington, D.C., especially if you’ve never had the opportunity to visit the city. May, June, and July’s favorable weather turns this already-beautiful city into a sunny, picturesque backdrop for a memorable trip to the nation’s capital. You can explore local monuments, historical documents, and top-tier restaurants, all of which sit within walking distance of the sites of some of our country’s most historic events.

Getting around D.C. with a large group can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know the city well. To help alleviate group transportation worries, the team at National Charter Bus is always available to provide safe and reliable charter bus rentals to all traveling groups in D.C.

With a private bus by your side, your group can travel on your own schedule and enjoy the services of a personal driver. We’ll also pair you with a modern bus that will keep you comfortable throughout your trip, no matter how long you’ll be traveling. Leave the travel logistics to our experienced reservation specialists while you focus on enjoying your D.C. trip!

Ready to start planning your first trip to Washington, D.C.? Take a look at some of the city’s top destinations, accompanied by our helpful travel guides for each stop:

U.S. Capitol Building
This grand palatial building is even larger in person than it appears to be in photographs, if you can believe it! Once you’ve admired the magnificent staircases and the breathtaking architecture, you can take a guided tour of the building’s interior and tread through the halls where your state’s senators and representatives spend their workdays.

National Mall
The National Mall contains two of D.C.’s most iconic landmarks: the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. Take a stroll from the Capitol building all the way to Lincoln’s famous statue, which also serves as the back to the U.S. penny. At the Washington Monument, be sure to look north for a quick view of the White House!

Smithsonian Institution
No trip to D.C. is complete without a visit to one of the city’s multiple Smithsonian museums. Explore African-American history and culture, the science behind air and space travel, art history, and much more.

Got your itinerary together? Call National Charter Bus today at 202-250-3441 to book your group’s transportation to Washington, D.C. Our team is standing by 24/7 to help make your first trip to the capital unforgettable.