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Final Ramadan celebrations at Atlantis, The Palm

Final Ramadan celebrations at Atlantis, The Palm Ramadan at Atlantis, The Palm

Atlantis, The Palm has closed a month long series of celebrations hosted in honour of the Muslim festival of Ramadan. 

The event offered guest a chance to discover the richness of the Arab culture and an insight to one of the most significant events in the Middle East.

During the period y Atlantis offered an idyllic retreat where guests could come together with family and friends during this time of sharing and giving.

Ramadan is seen as a special occasion of togetherness for families and loved ones.

It is a time when the whole community comes together to support and encourage one another during a period of reflection - everyone is invited to experience the blessed tradition.

Those who are fasting unite to celebrate the breaking of the fast at sun down referred to as Iftar.

As the light begins to fade, a vibrant evening with delicious food begins.

The second meal of the night is Suhour which is eaten before a day of fasting begins.

Atlantis, The Palm honoured the traditions of the region by hosting charming Iftar and Suhour experiences. 

With food as a focal point during the evening, it was a great opportunity for both fasting and non-fasting guests to indulge in the true taste of Arabia. 

A variety of the most tasty Arabian dishes, sweetest treats and thirst quenching juices will be available in stunning displays during Iftar and Suhour at three iconic spots in Atlantis, The Palm; Asateer, Kaleidoscope and Levantine.

Each of the venues offers a mesmerising and memorable vision into a long time, holy tradition.

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Atlantis, The Palm is considered the Middle East’s Leading Resort by the World Travel Awards.