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Online casinos continue to provide the Vegas experience

Online casinos continue to provide the Vegas experience

Online casinos have flourished in the past decade, with many taking on the big boys in Las Vegas. While Sin City is by no means on the brink of closing, LV is watching the growth of the online market closely.

For their part, the online casinos are cashing in on their popularity, with the sector due to hit a valuation of $92.9 billion by 2023, and they’re doing it by offering the “Vegas experience.” The question is:  how are they doing it and why is it working?

Convenient & user-friendly
Most people enjoy the thrill of a flutter on the blackjack table or a roll of the dice at the roulette wheel, yet it’s not always accessible. Online casinos take the best parts of Las Vegas – the glitz, the glamour, and the prizes – and make it available from pretty much anywhere in the country.

Rather than book flights to the desert or go on a long road trip, the citizens of Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia can experience their favourite games without the need to travel. Even Nevada can’t provide an online atmosphere that rivals these states.

Virtual reality
VR headsets used to be a myth, something people thought wasn’t realistic except in the movies. Fast-forward to the 21st-century, and the likes of Facebook and Oculus offer a virtual reality headset that will make you believe it’s the real thing.

For online casinos, this is incredibly powerful as it means their environment doesn’t have to be stale – it can replicate the real thing. Today, digital casino table games allow players to interact with competitors and read body language as if they are in Vegas. So, not only are online venues accessible, but they’re authentic too.

Pick your level
The idea of Las Vegas is exciting and scary in equal measure. You want to live in the moment, yet it’s hard because of the tension at the tables. Make a move another player doesn’t like and you’re in trouble, and they’ll let tell you. Beginners can find it daunting.

Online casinos are different as they let the players pick their level. Whether users start at the bottom or fancy targeting the king, they can do it with ease. By offering a legitimate experience, online casinos can target people who find it intimidating to play at tables with big-money stakes. In many ways, it’s better for everyone, aside from Vegas’ establishments.

Customer service
When you think of customer service, you may imagine the high rollers who are treated like royalty in the casinos of Sin City, and you’d be right to make the link. However, the 1% isn’t the majority, and not everyone feels as if they are valuable when they turn up to Las Vegas. Online casinos, using Vegas’ framework, can fill the gap with customer offers and bonuses that add value to newbies and loyal consumers. Instead of being a faceless name and number, players get the love and respect they want when they play online.

There’s no doubt that online casinos are lucrative and pushing land-based establishments to be better. They may never sit on the throne as we know it now, but with the foundation set by Las Vegas, they can provide an experience that millions find more fulfilling.