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What are the common items to store in storage units while moving out of the state?

What are the common items to store in storage units while moving out of the state?

Millions of people hire storage units while moving out of state. Some of the best moving truck rental companies registered with Moving Feedback claim that storage units are a great savior. Whether you have run out of space in the moving truck or want to store some items back at your existing state of residence for future use, you can rely on storage units. However, these experts also state that most people hire storage units to store their items while moving but they generally get confused in deciding what items they should store in these units.

To give you an idea ofwhat items you should store in storage units we have composed this post. It is notable that as per the protocols of the storage unit, there are some items that you can’t store in the units. Have a look at this content to know about these items but before, let us understand why you need a storage unit in the first place.

Why you should hire a storage unit instead of transporting all the items with you?

Moving cost
This is one of the biggest reasons why you should hire a storage unit instead of taking all the items with you. Considering all the things in mind, then it would be an ideal option to keep unwanted and unused items stored here is more favorable than moving these items with you out of state. Storage units are also a great way to deal with unexpected costs while moving out of state.

The safety of the items
Many items are not safe during transportation. The safety of the items should also be one of the prime concerns which make you keep items stored in a storage unit rather than transporting them with yourself at a new location.
These are the two reasons why your storage is a preferable option than shipping items with you to the new state.

Items that you should store in the storage unit while moving out of state!!!
Moving out of state is one of the most difficult moves. Therefore you should not move all the items and should hire a storage unit. 

1. Furniture items
There are some unused and extra furniture items that you might not need in the new home therefore why wasting money on transportation of these items especially when you move out of state. But wooden items tend to attract molds. To avoid this, you can also choose to get a climate-controlled storage unit. You should store the furniture at height there is space for better air overflow. This will decrease the potential damage to all the items.

2. Some household goods
There are certain household goods that you might not want to take with you and at the same time, you don’t want to sell or lose these items. Trophy collection of your kids, photo albums, and very expensive china set are some of the household goods that you can keep stored in storage units while moving out. And if you want to access these items later then you can access it as per your preference.

3. Some unimportant files and documents
Though you always keep your important documents with you there are also some unimportant documents and files that you can keep stored safely for many years in a storage unit. These documents are like warranty cards of your items, medical reports, school reports, and so on.

4. Collectibles and artwork pieces
Some collectible items and artwork pieces that you should keep stored during a move. Moving these items with you does not make any sense especially when you move out of state.

5. Books
Books tend to attract pests and molds therefore it is important to pack these books in airtight boxes. Make sure you keep them protected from humidity. Yes, rather than taking them with yourself and spending money on the shipping of these items, you should keep them stored in the storage unit.

6. Seasonal items
Seasonal items such as accessories and clothing items should also be stored in the storage unit. Many items will be needed next season and until the next season come, it is a great option to keep items stored. For instance, you would not need your ski gear during the summer, therefore keeping them in temporary storage while moving out of state is a good option.
Some clothing items

There are some clothing items that you can also store them in the storage unit but make sure you keep them protected from pests else pests might chew your clothes including your shoes. Climate controlled storage could be a great option to store clothing items so that pests do not grow in these items.

7. Additional appliances
You can keep the additional appliances stored in the storage unit like an extra dishwasher or extra washer. You can keep the items safe and protected at the storage unit. 

Bottom line:
Apart from these items, there are some old items present at your home that would not even bear transportation and will get damage therefore you should keep these items stored safely. Keep all these items in the storage unit now, it would not only make your move easier and efficient but as well as till then when you need them, you can figure out a way that what you should do with these items.