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Most influential cities in the world: Singapore

Most influential cities in the world: Singapore

This dynamic, accessible and innovative city, still remains to be one of the most influential places in the world. But why? What is it that Singapore has that big cities such as London or New York are falling short in? Offering a wide range of possibilities that will help drive your business to success, we look at the top reasons why you should consider this incredible city when it comes to your business travel.

The rise of Singapore
Over the past ten years, Singapore has gone from strength to strength, and it shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. In 2016, the World Economic Forum ranked the city in first place on it’s Networked Readiness Index, beating the likes of the UK, Finland and even the US. But what is it about Singapore that makes it so great compared to the rest?

The city-state saw a huge 7% increase in visitors in 2018 compared to the previous year, which in turn helped drive the tourism industry and increased demand of hotels and serviced apartments. Whether you’re heading there on holiday, to see the sights or for business, you’ll be able to enjoy a wealth of high-quality and luxury accommodation.

Singapore has very much transformed from a developing nation an economic powerhouse that is not to be snuffed. Excelling in every sector, from education, entertainment and technology, it’s now among one of the must visit destinations in the world.

Why choose to do business in Singapore?
In 2018, Singapore placed 6th among the top 20 business destinations in the world, partly thanks to it’s boom in economic growth. With it’s strong trade and investment culture, it’s accessibility, this pro-business city-state is a must if you’re looking to expand or grow your business network.

Travel tips
Whether you’ve visited Singapore before or not, there are a few tips you should take with you on your next trip.

    1. While you’re over there pick up the 100GB sim card. If you’re over on business you’ll never have to worry about trying to connect with the hotels Wi-Fi or a slow connection at your conference.

      2. Using the right transport in this big city is paramount. The main modes of transport are Uber, taxi, mass rail transit (MRT) and walking. Each serves a purpose and depends on your situation. If you’re heading to and from the airport for example, the MRT is the most convenient as you won’t get stuck in traffic. Uber is the ideal choice to help you with the language barrier too, as you’ll have already popped into the app where your destination is.

      Walking is great if you’re staying around central Singapore, as you can get to most places in around 20 minutes or so!

        3. When looking for a place to stay, why not check out Singapore’s Air BnB for business travellers or serviced apartments instead of hotels? Most have an amazing view as well as a kitchen where you can make your coffee while you work away. They’re also often located around areas which have amazing selections of restaurants available for dinner.

        The next time you’re looking where to do business next or where to expand your network of connections, make sure you at this innovative and forward-thinking city-state to your list.