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What to do on a school trip to London?

What to do on a school trip to London?

Educational trips have been proven to have a positive impact on student learning. Taking your kids or students on field trip to London can be a real challenge to organise, where to take them for a day out, what are the must-see? You also need to make sure that you cater for all of them regardless of their circumstances. Follow our guide for some inspirational school excursions.

Be prepared
Before jumping in, make sure that you are organised and know what you’re getting yourself into. We would advise to hire a minibus to transport safely your students to your destination, companies such as Allied Fleet are specialised in proving minibus to hire. You will also need to make sure that you have all the parent’s numbers in case of emergency but also be aware of every child need (disabilities, allergies, etc)

Visit the museums
There are so many diverse and amazing museums in and around London that any curious mind is sure to be kept happy. The National History Museums is one of the most popular, you can explore over 80 million specimens from sea creatures, dinosaurs, mammals and even ancient fossils. The Science Museum is also a good choice, attracting over 3 million visits a year with many attractive exhibits such as jet engine, rockets, cars, trains, computers, etc. On top of being completely free, they’re also fully accessible for wheelchair users and visitors with mobility difficulties.

Explore the landmarks
If you want to impress your students, you’ll definitely need to show them The London Eye, the enormous Ferris wheel on the River Thames. It is one of the most iconic landmarks in the UK, opened to the public and it is perfect to take some great picture from a height. Another great landmark is Big Ben, situated at the Palace of Westminster.

The old London
London is a modern, busy, thriving city but it’s also filled with history and mysteries. If you want to impress your students, you could bring them to the Shakespeare’s Globe to watch a live performance in a traditional setting but also teach them a little bit more about England’s greatest poet.  Perfect for literature students for example.
The Tower of London is also a good one, being a historic castle, it is more likely to fascinate the little ones with the Crown Jewels and the seven ravens flying around the towers.

London is a great city to organise a field trip… Easy to access by train, car and with wheelchair accessibility pretty much everywhere, is it an absolute must-see for little ones but also college students. All you need is a little bit of organisation…